Way To Do?


Understanding propose and where do we stand right now is essential. What business are we in and what is our priority in term of market, positioning and product/service. Hence you need Planning process properly.

Managing Expectation, Thru Proper Planning!

Understand people, business and strength of your brand Social selling people are bunch of Planner and Researcher whose experienced on brand planning and development Marketing Plan.

The first step of planning is:


Getting Started

Listening, Listening, Listening and Define. We will ask some questions and assumption and ideas to Stakeholder (Consumer, Board, Employee and Expert) to know how the breath and oxygen are flowing. Then Defining some term, ideas and assumption.


Enviromental Scan

Simple Audit means, where are we know and know where we want to go is very common ground on business.


SWOT Analysis

Identify the stakeholders strengths and opportunities. Social selling would come to get the strength compared to your competitors within your business. Its interesting also to define all premises and some assumption, yes professional assumption can be.


Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals

Define the objectives, what is objective. This is about where we want to go, who we wanna be, What exactly the outcome is. There are plenty of objectives on business and mostly sustainability, Increase from X to X+35% during pandemic time. Or whatsoever.


Objectives, Tasks, Metrics

Objective Key Results :

  • Each initiative has an objective.
  • Do brainstorming none of idea are stupids. None! Since we dont have any variable and consider to make it good or bad.
  • Let build a criteria to execute an ideas work and eligible as a solution. It can be cost, time and other related variable.
  • Let open the existing idea and put all the Creteria into our assessment.
  • Then which one the most fittest.

Implementation & Alignment

Alignment & Implementation idea:

  • We have to re-evaluate the premises by asking to other stakeholders, it can be Consumer, Expert or Other Stakeholders.
  • Then we make priorities and milestone.
  • Then ideas to implementation lay on the time table.
  • Set every ideas the KPI to grow.

"An hour of planning can save 10 hours of doing "- Dale Caranagie

Brand is like your baby, need a good name and gentle handle to achieve the best that Baby can be. He/She will grow and fight normally like human. what we have to do make proper stage and ecosystem. Let make a planning !

Brand Story

Unlock your story, give them value to sell more.

Marketing Plan Development

Plan First then GO.

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