Marketing Plan Development

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

- Dwight D. Eisenhower, former U.S. President -

In connection to pandemic time, we have to be more agile in planning. We are now connected to zoom and a new way of connecting through video conference and virtual communication.

Any company, firm and organization that wants to succeed demands facing pandemic time with proper marketing plan. Without various scenarios an organization will chaos and no systematic approach on promoting value to the right consumers.

What makes a difference in the pandemic time now is:

  • Hygienic is Mandatory, We bring people to live alive
  • Less contact and less crowd make us have more scenarios OKR (Objective and Key Results)
  • Build Home Shopping planning for any business

The marketing planning that works well for B2C (business to consumer) consumer products, industrial goods or Non Profit Organization (NGO) is not well suited for professional services. There’s a ton of ideas to promote your firm, but it has to fill in the right context and content. All must follow the specific process — one that produces a plan custom-tailored to business.

Let’s brief about marketing planning concepts in this pandemic time.

How to Marketing Planning Process

Marketing planning process is a systematic approach to set up goals, strategy and implementation tactics. In the pandemic time launch of a new brand or re-launch the new repositioning of an existing brand follow routine planning of new business development activities.

The Marketing Mix must be defined from the beginning that connects to company vision. For example, in this stage, we want to keep business but make some necessary adjustments during pandemics, either product and delivery while the process production there changes. How to go-to-market strategy.

When pandemics strike some brand repositioning and need some new brand story that matches in the marketplace, We will most likely need to emphasize both strategic and tactical elements to increase the visibility of your new brand story.

Benefits of the Marketing Planning Process in the Pandemic Time

It’s important to take a thoughtful, step-by-step approach to your marketing plan. Done right, it can yield a number of valuable benefits that can jumpstart success:


It encourages you to revisit old habits and assumptions

In a changing world, you have to learn to adapt — doing things the way you’ve always done them is not a winning strategy. A good marketing plan should take you, to some degree, outside your comfort zone and question everything you’ve done to date and why you thought it would work. Just because you’ve “always done something that way” doesn’t mean it’s effective or even a good idea.


It reduces risk by adding new facts

The process of developing a marketing plan forces you to reexamine your marketplace, your competition, your target audience and your value proposition to prospects. This kind of focused research reduces risk because it compels you to evaluate your business model and marketing program before you commit time and money to them. According to our studies of professional services marketing, firms that conduct systematic research into their target audiences grow faster and are more profitable.


It provides accountability

Marketing planning makes both your marketing and business development teams set specific targets and measure their progress toward them. Management is accountable for providing enough resources to ensure the marketing plan has a reasonable chance to succeed.


It is proactive rather than reactive

Planning ahead puts you in control of your marketing so you can maximize its impact. However, it’s important to be agile enough to react to changing circumstances. Having well-documented plans makes it easier to change them.


It can become a competitive advantage

High-growth firms use their marketing strategy as a differentiator. By giving some thought to what makes your firm unique, you should be able to develop compelling differentiators — one or more clear reasons to select your firm over an apparently similar one.

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Proper planning requires proper analysis on the market, people and technology. This pandemic time marketing need a great reset of contact, crowd and community. Our marketing has be agile and keep data driven decision.

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