“We would be nothing without our story”

- Richard Branson -

What is a brand story?

A brand story is a plot or sequential of the event that makes the brand clearly happen and outstanding than commodity. The brand came out from the story, brand story is the essence of people knowing you.

“Against animal testing !’ is a story that we would like to communicate to the potential buyer or people whose believe that we love our animal, ecosystem and earth! Animals is not objects of beauty. – Body Shop.

“Terbuat dari biji kopi pilihan, terciptalah kopi kapal api” as a story from Kapal Api.

The story flies beyond what’s written in the copywriting on your packaging, website, the text in ads or the business presentation to our partner.

Brand Story is about pulse/signal/code that needs to be broadcast and looking for the match with some consumer values. The brand story is looking for the same puzzle in their ecosystem. Like you know, read the content about brand stories from Social Selling.

We craft the messages and story based on business understanding where your strength and opportunity collide, focusing on what we are able to control and which we can unleash as great feeling, fact and insight to resonate with some consumer value.

Why story is important?

What is the difference between Kopi Kiloan at the Wet market and Starbuck? Apa bedanya mereka? Sama-sama kopikan? If you don’t have brand story you will perceived as commodity, kita harus bangun cerita tentang merk kita, membangun narasi yang jelas tentang siapa kita dan kenapa kita hadir di bisnis yang saat ini ada.

Brand story isn’t about stunning tagline, it's about relations and building that match with the prime target care about. So brand can convey all the value and ideas that match with your prime target.

Bear Brand, entah dari mana datangnya cerita bahwa mampu meningkatkan imun tubuh yang hakikatnya bahwa semua susu adalah sumber protein. Ada susu dan telur adalah sumber protein, sehingga imun tubuh bisa meningkat selama tersedianya protein yang melimpah. Story terjadi karena ada trigger, Bear Brand dalam komunikasinya juga meng-highlight bahwa menjaga imun tubuh tidak ada yang salah.

That we call brand storytelling, Bear brand adalah susu sapi yang namanya beruang dan iklannya naga. Mengacu di iklan

Literasi tentang gizi yang rendah menyebabkan susu beruang begitu mendominasi di berbagai outlet saat pandemic sekarang ini.

Let’s start your brand story?

Well, I had been experienced in brand building for 20 years, always starting from simple steps.

  • What is the best thing about your business, starting from what you excel with? What is your core business? As we might know business start from Production → Distribution → Marketing → Service
  • What is the best opportunity that we would like to focus on ? i.e. We focus on young audiences that connect to digital communication.
  • What is RTB, reason to believe that the brand feels better/secured than competitor?

Seems simple but it effect a lot, Some of you have a legacy to have all the process some are not, then workshop is the best way to have intent and concise communication then ready to unleash your brand story.

Analytics is the one activity of brand story, we use SEMRUSH, Mediawave and other listening tools to identify the strength and opportunity that happens to your brand.

Brand Story Is On

Connection! Is the always magic button. What makes your brand connect to your prime target and decision makers. What feeling or association when I recommend your shoes would be Nike? or Adidas? or Spotec (Indonesia local brand)? Seems different right?

Let’s buy some clothes at Uniqlo or Pasar Raya (Indonesia Retailer Brands). Those 2 brands have different feelings, huh?

Let’s unlock your brand story with a virtual workshop using Miro or other apps and Zoom to make it happen and always keep productive and connected even in the pandemic era!

We will find the purpose of the brands, vision and mission and step by step to achieve. We work with you to find the best pathway of the brand and which not to enter and go forth at the same time.

  • Unlock the best of your brand story.
  • Brand name, product name and guidance book of your brand with full of stories.
  • Marketing strategy for your brand.

Contact social selling analytic team to do brand workshop and go to market analysis with various way:


Brand Studies Analysis


Brand Workshop thru focus group discussion with several stakeholder


Brand & Marketing Plan

Know your strength, identify your opportunity to unleash great story

Lets unlock your truly potential Thru the unleash Brand Story become relevant and engaging.

Lets talk and stay in touch