Equip your marketing team with the newest Facebook for business acquisition, creating millennial traction and complete your digital marketing environment. The main reason using Facebook as one of prominent traffic source is because we want to tap the millennial which in Indonesia has substantial numbers.

It takes full day training #Facebook and Instagram Ads

*What to watch/read before attending*


What will I learn after the course:

· You are able to understand what is the role of #Facebook

· You are able to operate and optimize #facebook #instagram Ads properly


1. Ads Campaign

- Structure

- FB vs IG ads

- Business Manager

- Setup (account setup, team management, payment/BM)

- Campaign structuring (campaign > ad sets > ads)

- Campaign objectives (focus on website conversion)

2. Ad Sets

- FB/IG page and ad audience insight

- Analysis

- Types of ads (story, feed, khusus FB: right column)

- 3 layers of Audiences (core, custom, lookalike)

- Determining potential audience (broad vs specific)

- Budgeting and scheduling

- a/b testing

3. Ad Formats, Design & Placement

- Creative Term of Service

- Policy

- Copywriting

- Image Dimension Placement

- Landing page optimisation (IG feed, story, FB feed)

4. Pixel Implementation

- Set up & How To check Pixel

- Measurement Pixel

5. Remarketing

- Remarketing strategy for FB and IG (why)

- Audience management

6. Create your own campaign


7. Understand Facebook Ad Analytics

- Metric KPI