Digital Marketing In The Pandemic

“Your Linkedin profile Is no longer no online resume, it’s a professional villages”

- Heri Ardin (Founder of Social Selling) -

Pandemic makes every brand running as a horse, to escape the death of orders. Every aspect seems declining and contact-less and crowd-less. It makes digital channels and marketing become a new (Not really new) way to be taken. Some brands, especially big brands, believe that there is no era for big distributors, there is a plenty small margin of distributor but many and volume based orientation.

The rise of e-commerce businesses makes the visibility of brands exposed to sales.

There 3 elements of digital marketing that we have to consider:

Channel (Website)

  • Our own channel, it can be as a website, apps, our own commerce or just landing page to ensure visibility and gain trust. In this pandemic time trust still event higher rank.
  • Make sure that all the contents and articles follow the google friendly. As we know, websites and apps role as front door, as our front man for selling. We are able to collect info and leads or even download our content that is suitable for visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimisation must be priority, our website must be able to crawled by google so the traffic ecosystem must be comply then traffic comes, visitor come there is a chance to get higher call and ask for proposal (RFP).

Inbound Marketing

  • Channel is available, then we have to gain credibility through the right content with consistency and better appearance.
  • What is exactly your value to the client or potential client business chain, which part and which process Digital Marketing Agency work and take in charge?. The simple answer is Search Engine Optimisation Friendly Content. We make proper planning on the mapping client customer persona’s.
  • Social Media becomes a more crucial part, we live a life on human communication. Which makes people connected to the brand alive. No more distance, no more middle man, social media becomes a paving way to make verification, thus it implies that your brand must have great connection by consistent posting.
  • How do you start on social media posting ? Well, simply start from your brand story and propose to the digital ecosystem in the middle of pandemic time. We have to stand and have a role in pandemic time.
  • Measuring all the process of content and traffic performance using SEMRUSH, A Href or Simple Google Analytic is the best option to know how much your traffic, where do they come from and what is proposed on it.

Outbond Marketing

  • Once you have consistent posting, we need facebook marketing and or facebook activation. We have to use facebook ads or Instagram Ads to at least secure your brand name once people ask for your brand or categories consistency.
  • Social Selling is never asked by a client to do Google Ads or Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Marketing IF only IF your consistency posting is mandatory. Don’t you put your effort on ads if our website / social media is not consistent posting.
  • We have to measure all the Ads Quality score and make sure there is no broken link or broken contact for CTA.
  • All the click ads will continuously monitor using Google Analytics, SEMRUSH or other Analytic Platform to ensure data decision marketing is alive.

Social Selling Indonesia provides a complete solution on digital marketing end to end. We provide Analytics, Academy and Activation for optimistic brands. Our team will provide customized solutions by understanding your business process and your step by step marketing plan and action to gain better results.

Yes, even better marketing monthly performance is our website health check, position tracking, keyword analysis, social media engagement, the most promising contents, even the most winning ad-set for Accusation, better behaviour visitor and quality of acquisition.

Let your brand be social and create a better selling process, because now selling means relationships no more less!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a digital marketing agency role?

  • Social Selling believe on delivery value and delivery solution digitally, We work hand in hand with client to overcome the challenges together, our role become digital marketing leads of initiative for your business.
  • In the pandemic time, Agency Digital Marketing should be able to open as many channels as possible as long as it is able to manage it. I.e.
  • E-commerce is now a more crucial channel than before, So we will provide the best Go To Market E-commerce solution for your brand.
  • Social Media also matters, consistency and measuring engagement is important, followers is important but closing sales even more important then why we push our extra effort on making button funnel of marketing become more and open door 24 hours.

What is a common contract that is provided by a Digital Marketing Agency like Social Selling?

  • Minimum contract is 6 month to show the performance and fine tuning our value proposition to your business.
  • We will show you what is the BEST KPI that we have to achieve in the next 6 months.
  • What is the action plan that we want to get there.

What is a social media marketing agency?

  • Social Selling provides social media posting creation. Our Activation will create it all.
  • Step 1. Establish the research of your brand, your product and your consumer.
  • Step 2. We will provide the best persona, communication idea and visual idea.
  • Step 3. Work flow of information and escalation.
  • Step 4. We have to establish the Proper KPI per contract and per month.
  • Step 5. We make a monthly report with the best content and best approach for the upcoming month, without jeopardizing the agility of the content.

What if I want to start on Making websites in the beginning? How much is the price?

  • Our service on website depend on the complexity, just 1 landing pages require content and thinking to observation.
  • Our website starts from 10 million for the most simple website not one landing page.

What is a digital media advertising agency? How do you charge?

  • Social selling has capabilities on digital media advertising like Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • We will work closely with client what is objective on digital media advertising based on objective and nature of brand, produk and consumer journey.
  • Socialselling would like to think more holistically by contract for 6 month including several services, however if you want the position only for ads we charge based on time cost and media fee, but all will be discussed based on mutual consent and agreement.

How do we measure Digital Marketing Agency Success?

There are 3 aspect on transformation of success, which are:


We build on mutual understanding and help each other to accomplish challenges. The component would be :

  • Convenience
  • Trust
  • Connection


  • From Kick off to the final whistle.
  • Delivery process.
  • Results Performance (using Key Performance Indicator).


  • How is the tools and productive tools to utilized.
  • Productivity rate and respond rate.

Unleash the true potential of your brand and your digital marketing channel flourish as should be

Digital Marketing is all about People, Process and Technology collide together. Let win your presence and win a heart and mind of your Prime Prospect.

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