Community Marketing

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Coretta Scott King, Activist

Community marketing is one of tactical campaigns to involve a group or community interacting with a Brand or business for the same purpose or interest. It can happen on online group platforms i.e.facebook groups, Whatsapp Groups, Telegram Groups, or even thousands of email users on the specific CRM Platform.

Community is committed to propose amongst members. Once you establish your community you should follow to be an activist and engine to make it work.

Some of the brand treat community is just an object to do business transactions. This is a common failure that the community treats as an object to sell.

Community should treat as:

  • We grow you grow accordingly, we have to empower members on business or propose.
  • We shared our value, sometime beyond money.
  • We taking care each other to achieve the dream amongst members.

Some example:

Nielsen IQ Indonesia has a community of retailers from modern trade, chain minimart and department stores in Indonesia. What we have done is hand in hand to unleash the true potential of retailers facing pandemic:


Treat consumer data as one of direct selling thru online or event just using WhatsApp Catalogue.


Photo Product is the crucial to be repaired and must be stunning even only using handphone.


Copy writing on soft selling must be accomplished issue and solution toward delivery handling.


Ecommerce setup, we have to utilize common e commerce such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shoppe and many more.


Setup Standard Operational Procedure on delivery.


Maintain social media for engagement not for products display (etalase).


Maintain social media for engagement not for products display (etalase).

Some clients that we have handled Frisian Flag Indonesia.

Managing Midwife (Bidan) in Indonesia. We did social media posts and consistently delivered reports on social media.

Business, Finance and Digital Marketing training for Midwives tied up with IBI module/points.

Share knowledge and practice making social media content using and making facebook fans page for each bidan.

Unlock your true potential of your community

Community is all about connection of the propose, connection to grow together. Lets talk and discuss properly.

Lets talk and stay in touch