Community Event

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell”

- Seth Godin -

Yes, couldn’t agree more with the point that Marketing is not merely about the stuff thing – but it's all about stories/impressions and doing good to the consumers. Community Events are a way to engage people with proposals. I.e. community bikers (komunitas sepeda) in your city would like to make a virtual event lately or an offline event needs an organizer to manage the schedule, itinerary and content. What should we do? Where do we want to start? Why is it important? What do we want to achieve?

  • Find your why! This is the 1st baby step that we have to accomplish.
  • Why do we need community events?
  • What is the real value to make our community survive, sustain and benefit from it?
  • How to execute that match with sustainable business of the company and community at the same time?


Sharing knowledge about managing business operations for street vendors and hawkers.


Listening, Listening, Listening and Define. We will ask some questions and assumption and ideas to Stakeholder (Consumer, Board, Employee and Expert) to know how the breath and oxygen are flowing. Then Defining some term, ideas and assumption.

We know there are many brands, even big brands now treat business partners as community. i.e. Sampoerna Retail Community.
We had been involved in this project to empower street hawkers (pedagang rombong dan warung) to have a great access on how to make modern mart, modern howkers, managing cash flow, and digital marketing in this pandemic time. We energize with the real and actionable workshop about business operation and simple marketing and sales

Another example is Hewlett Packard community Dscoop makes empowerment for their consumer. We’ve been delighted to be part of the community development team by moderating the Asia Virtual Event using Hopin and as speakers in Yogyakarta for the Dscoop Indonesia gathering. We energized some HP Business users' business by sharing how to start business and digital channels to capture digital opportunity.

There are 5 big Reasons Why The Event Community is Alive To Your Business & Marketing

  • Build local brand awareness about your shared value
  • Interaction drive engagement virtually or face-to-face with prospects and existing customers
  • Produce “do good” community content for channels
  • Create lifelong customers, advocates and onsite sales.

What We Have Been Done On Community Event Marketing Services?

  • Give us a bunch of lists of relevant local events, ask them with simple qnaire about who, what is the expectation towards business and life
  • Make real rundown the local event application process
  • Develop creative, stimulating, ice breakers, appreciation and relevant engaging ideas
  • Design and provide event assets (e.g., tents, costume characters, signage, games, zoom, zoom background, delivery meal during webinar, awarding, fun quiz and sponsor tips etc.)
  • Staff, train and deploy brand ambassadors and onsite managers
  • Real-time content capture for your social media thru streaming

During Pandemic Time What is The Process Virtual Community Event

  • Share with us clear objective, goals, cities that you want to covered, and any event ideas you'd like to make as references and explore
  • Review the Community Event Marketing competitors and what makes us different and relevant with company vision
  • Deal, we'll draw up a business and marketing agreement for you
  • Do planning, Do applying all relevant things to the events, and production four or more weeks before the first activation day with discussion and some ideation
  • Train your team and catch-up week before the D – Day
  • Using Miro for ideastion and Receive Google Sheet to make collaboration works or using Basecamp, Slack or Trello as collaboration tools
  • Plus a recap last report with photos, learnings, and ideas to improve

Let's Share great knowledge and engaging virtual event with us

Wish the Pandemic is gone! Make it Virtual Event impactful
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