Academy Training

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

- Henry Ford -

Team having a way to learn something new and broader knowledge in this pandemic time, we have to facilitate it from Sales, Marketing and Digital Marketing. Social selling provide the genuinely ideas that match to your business need.

We will create a training course tailored to objective:

  • Managing your on-page profile, social media management.
  • Successful online copywriting, CTA and Integration idea.
  • The big why of great content suit for your business.
  • How to embrace social media.
  • Start with your LinkedIn and gain the professional on LinkedIn.
  • Utilizing Ecommerce to your business.
  • How to set up Store in Tokopedia, Shopee and other Indonesia
  • E-commerce.
  • Effective management of PPC campaigns (Google Ads and
  • Facebook Ads).
  • Importance of measurement / analytics.

Data driven decisions are now as currency for your business and we need it and can start with it on digital marketing training. We suggest you don’t start it just because of your competitor doing so, we have to start with our own strength team and capabilities.

We are a flexible in-house training module and can cater for all your needs and requirements, from basic online marketing, Digital Marketing newbies to ‘refreshment’ training for digital business and marketers who start doing social selling into your business by the most up to date techniques and execution.

We will set up virtual in-house training for your with agreed module to cater all you need form Taking Leads (Prospect), then put on collaboration tools to learn together with every “Friday ” is learning day (Just some example), we always provide at least 3 people to support this (Client Service, Trainer and Technology Admin) to assist you on board and alive in house training.

We do believe that improving your digital marketing, your sales team as the best option in the pandemic time. We are very happy to speak and discuss with you. Give us the chance to find big why and execute the impactful in-house training that support your business.

The client that been handle:

PT Lintas MediaTama

Is the big corporation on billboard and digital signage. Would like to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing. 2 days consecutive in-house training program for digital marketing and sales team.

How will this Digital Marketing Training from Social Selling make an impact?

1 million Rupiah will feel expensive if it doesn't produce anything, but 50 million will feel cheap if it is able to produce a more solid, more focused and more impactful business.

Now, this illustration always makes us start with the biggest HOPE we want to achieve after participating in Digital Marketing training with Social Selling.

There is a company leader who told the Social Selling crew that: Client: "I want my team to be open about digital marketing, I want to use digital media to be a wise, measurable and focused choice"

Social Selling: “Wow, this is very good, I hope we can achieve this hope, can we be more specific in measuring wise, measurable and directed?"

Client: "Yes, this is digital marketing, I want to tidy up the website, so what's wrong with our current website? Why are there never potential customers from the website? Why? Is it good for us to do? but I'm sure there's something wrong with this but don't know where to start? someone suggested I advertise, but I answered, does advertising guarantee to bring in customers?

Social Selling: Interesting about digital marketing by starting to tidy up the Website, this is already on track and on the right track. Well, we will do a Website Audit and Sales Channels so we can know which ones are good, which ones are not good and need improvement So, how to get started, we will discuss later in Training. May we know your satisfaction with the current Digital Marketing? 1 very dissatisfied and 10 very satisfied

Client: Hmm, I give 6! and I want 8 later after training. The indication is

The Digital Marketing team knows what needs to be fixed on the website and when is the deadline for it to be completed. The digital marketing team is able to make periodic reports to management about impactful digital marketing. The digital marketing team is able to provide a minimum of 30 potential leads per month which will be followed up by the sales team.

Social Selling: Wow, that's very clear, please support because digital marketing is a tool that needs to be cared for and invested with Creative Content, Management support and support for all employees in your company. Later, we will present the minimum target to get 30 Leads/month, what does it look like

This is an example of a conversation we had when we started with our Digital Marketing Training, so everything has a measure, all have end goals.

PT Bintang Sempurna

Maintain 2 websites and for SEO and each social media. Our role is to assist digital marketing to excel in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Community Event and PPC (Google Ads & Facebook). The challenge is also integration with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytic and Google Search Console to ensure data drives are alive.

The progress is quite significant by turning the position of Bintang Sempurna into a better position every single week and month. We used SEMRUSH to measure all performance digital marketing, Search Position, Website Health and Leads.

Mindshare Group

Google Ads Training, Search Engine Marketing have become crucial in the last decade now. Mindshare planned to set up a Hybrid Media Planner that combines conventional media planner and digital planner especially PPC (Google Ads).

  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
  • Set Objective
  • Understanding Consumer Journey
  • Search Engine Marketing Journey
  • Quality Scores
  • Setup Campaign
  • Making Ad-set
  • Setup Analytics
  • Optimizer Search Engine Marketing
  • Reporting and Plan for next campaign
  • Key Performance Indicatnalyticior


As a top notch creative agency, the strategic planner team of Ogilvy Indonesia, Asked us for Google Analytics Training for 2 days. The Account and Strategic Planner team learned how to gather data analytic from Google Analytic to ensure all the planning stages had a clear of data.

2 Days Consecutive Training about Google Analytics:

  • What is google analytics
  • How to set up Google Analytic in your website
  • Understanding about Traffic Acquisition, source of traffic and how is ads implication to the traffics
  • Deep dive Behaviour of website visitor and its implication to the content and CTA
  • Keen toward conversion, Knowhow conversion from website traffics
  • Optimize Call To Action
  • Practice how to trigger the content that immerse with
  • website visitors
  • Setup Dashboard Analytic and How to get Insight

Saatnya cara baru kita kembangkan, dan kita ingin digital marketing menjadi prioritas penjualan

Kuatkan team digital marketing untuk mencari hal baru dengan cara baru, karena kita ingin punya hasil yang jauh lebih baik.

Lets talk and stay in touch