Virtual Sales Training

What is Virtual Sales Training at Social Selling: Sales training is way to find the good relationship and shared value amongst seller and customers.

“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win”

- Jeffrey Gitomer -

COURSE OUTLINE Virtual Sales Training

  • 3 Preparation for a virtual meeting using video call or other communication tools
  • Building rapport with positive prospects
  • Essential Tools for virtual selling such as Miro, Slack, Google Slide, Google Sheet, Adobe Sign-in and Zoom
  • 5 steps on effective virtual sales pitch
  • Making confidence of public speaking
  • How to understand pricing offers
  • Pitch to influence and influence the decision makers

Virtual Selling Training Program

Using most common video conference zoom, our virtual selling program designs sales professionals with the most engaging online sales training skills and techniques to build confidence, setup rapport virtually, pitching technique, effectively listening and be present with the solution online and introduce to several tools that help sales team working remotely.

Such as :

  • Project Management tool : Trello, Basecamp, Monday
  • Whiteboard for Brainstorming and Mind Maps live: Miro
  • Productive collaboration : Google Meets, Google Sheet, Slide and Doc
  • Contract Signed using Adobe Sign-in
  • Live KPI from different tools using GOOGLE Studio

Focus on relationships not tools, It's only for the Key Account or client ready, we make a content that is tailor made to achieve the objective, group discussion, forign and Indonesia case study and Q&A then all participants will learn effectively.

We use Google Classroom to ensure all the Presentation Material, Video Recorded and all assignments into one place. We use effectively and create an impactful sales person that help and searches for a solution mindset.

Program Duration:

  • 90 - 120 minutes max.
  • Fill in the simple qnaire
  • Pre and post materials

This virtual sales training designed for:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales ManagersKey Account Management
  • Account Executive
  • Business Development
  • Sales Leadership


  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (Live Online Training)

Virtual Effective Sales Training in the pandemic time

We are now facing a pandemic around the world. As productive people know that Sales is a breath of business, If we want to win in the pandemic time we have to enhance our sales team into many facets. Especially effective social selling in the pandemic time.

We will learn:


What is new, what won’t work during a pandemic.

Hygienic aspects become crucial matters that are supposed to be the top priority. We facing the compliances and all the sales and operation process “life is matters”


Empathy Transformational Experience

Empathy is always an important card. Sellers must believe there is something different in this current situation. As Effective Sellers, it’s vital to have a transformational experience. How Work From Home for client become Worked For Health and With Family Happy


Listening and Coaching

In the pandemic time, Virtual Sellers must raise empathy, how to rise up? by increasing Listening technique to become a better listener and understand the current business process, engage with the client and team to keep productive and deliver all promised value to the client.


Self-Motivated Sales Team

We believe that energy comes with the right angle of thinking, Effective Sales motivation goes beyond pay-check /salary. Focus on real value that will get by clients to make a sustainable business. When effective sellers believe they help society and people that make a difference. Its movement to shared value.


Shared Value

Business is not a zero some game, its exchange value. Creating Value becomes a new spirit for the sales team. We have to dig dig dig the why of working during the tough situation like this pandemic. As most successful sales team how to achieve and maintain top performance, as become new habit and new imperative

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the content and syllabus?

The content and syllabus based on agreed objective. We have to sit together the specific key performance such as my team able to make sales proposal and get respond at least 1x24 from the client request.

It needs to be designed to understand why and how to provide proposal within 1 x24 is so difficult. In general the syllabus would be :

  • Unleash our strength of our business
  • Define the real target client
  • Let’s make it personas
  • Listening Skill and listening, listening
  • Develop Sales Proposal
  • Pitching process and how we define it
  • Pricing Psychology
  • BATNA skill and respond
  • Tips and Trick make a package

How long does it take ?

Mostly we do offline for 2 days session and workshop and some case study. We always make it the 1st day on Wednesday and give some assignments for the 2nd day on Friday in the same week.

It’s also able to make dripping methods, which divided into 5 times Virtual meeting, each virtual session take 2 hours then assignment using Google Classroom or Using Miro for collaboration white board and control project planning using #Slack or Basecamp.

  • 1st Virtual 2 hours, Intro and session 1, assignment
  • 2nd Virtual 2 hours, Session 2, sharing assignment and
  • new working group session
  • 3rd Virtual 2 hours, Session 3, presentation
  • 4th Virtual 2 hours, Session 4. Presentation and discussion
  • 5th Virtual 2 hours, Session 5. Workshop session and demo sales presentation

What is the impact after taking Virtual Sales Training ?


Specific, Measure, Attainable, Realistic and Timely to set our training sales objective. The head/owner or director must specifically mention what is exactly the objective and expectation of the virtual sales training session.


We also check the current sales process then we will figure out if there are any adjustments to make a better process for better results.

How long does it take ?

It sounds interesting topic on it, As you know, we do tailor for customized sales training, while for generic one we have to consider some element that obviously there is time cost, content Material, zoom technology and some tools, creative trigger during session, lunch will be provided and some gift.

Is there any certificate ?

We provide e-certificate for Virtual Sales Training by Social Selling, that you are eligible as Impactful Sales People during pandemic by us. As long as you pass the our training attendance and also we provide the best for ideas, solution and nicest smiles with your HR team decision.

Make Sales team as an Oxygen for your business and productive to retain key account

Wish the Pandemic is gone! Make it Virtual Event impactful with Social Selling

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