Reputation Management

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

- Jeff Bezos -

Reputation management is an application of Search Engine Optimisation on online ecosystems. Using Media Monitoring tools help reputation management within 2 decades. Negative, Positive & Neutral Sentiments able to determine what is the pathway to be taken after deep analysis through data and information. Data decision had to be taken after seeing the spreads and sentiment, we took an action and fixed it via article, video or other execution that connects to Google friendly. Our reputation management services are designed to build you a positive online presence that’s sustainable, defensible and true to your brand.

3 phases that we used on online reputation management:

Sprint and Protection, We do monitoring from blog, social media and news portal seriously 24 hours. We will know sentiments than take an action of it.

Repair and Fixed. Let repair with delete, take down or flood with balanced information and content to gain Google SERP in a better position. Whether you’re up against negative articles, bad reviews or inaccurate public profiles, we’ll bury unwanted content and build a positive online reputation that represents you or your brand.

Crisis Management: Able to cater the spreads news thru proper and prompted action after seeing the pledge of the crisis.

Social Selling approach on Reputation Management Operation

After determine scope of works:

  • We do monitoring, managing and improving customer and netizen reviews including (employee).
  • Optimize by off-page SEO to provide our best content onto the first page of Google.
  • All the basics must be claimed, such Google My Business with full description even actively post and reply to the comments.
  • Optimize all the article and check all the broken link.
  • Expand your social media profiles, make follower engage and reply all the inquiries.
  • Keep maintaining the website's health and public profiles.

Our team and expertise will audit and categorize search results sites or accounts that mention brand’s that we handled.

We’ll ensure once we have positive control our Public Relations work well, negative media mentions should be action by press release for balanced opinion on trusted websites.

The most important thing is we have to influence some influencer such as media and some advanced search features like Knowledge Graph will available.

Our work would be silent with just a few people involved and measured.


Strictly Confidentiality

We won’t tell anybody, we will work in silence and get SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on the better position.


Measure The Sentiment

Detect all the sentiment positive, neutral and negative for action baseline.


Media Monitoring

Regular update progress reports to ensure all accountable and make data driven decision happens.

Social Selling Pricing on Reputation Management Operation

We will focus to scope of work to accomplish objective. We will work based on a predetermined scope of work. That is why we need transparency in terms of expectation and what you plan, please tell us. This is matter for better Reputation Management result

Recover your reputation and credibility on the
just right position should be

Tell the truth to market that we are okay and willing to let the bad stories gone, especially on the 1st page Google Search Engine Result Page.

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