LinkedIn Marketing

“Your Linkedin profile Is no longer no online resume, it’s a professional villages”

- Heri Ardin (Founder of Social Selling) -

As we know that LinkedIn has an online resume and seems nice to have a platform but now is about reputation. It's about connecting business and setting as a replacement for your company's Trade Show. We will meet leaders with some comments based on their peers and colleagues. We know the education background and are verified and legit!

Linkedin is not just mere job seekers and recruiters' domain. It's about tools for Marketing, Linkedin Marketing as a tactic to build trustable partners and sources. As we know, it is linked easily to find the right information and its reputation. Linked in able to provide beyond just transactional job seekers and recruiters. It empowers both to know the insight, finding and root of the job seekers and recruiters with great content available in the linkedin.

LinkedIn Marketing is not just an optional but we have to dig deeper than usual. This is a great opportunity to unlock the potential of your Business to business brands.

How Do Start?


Set up a great business profile, make a proper page for those who have your own business.


This is when social selling started. We have to look at what we should look at in the current market, people buy people, we have to look professional for our own business.


Being consistent is another challenge, consistent on posting, consistent on delivering value and story of life and business. It creates value for others.


Linkedin Activation is about being positive and showing your credential, your business domain and your business legacy.


Linked Activation needs to portray the right array of your persona, your social networks will be called by the consistent content.


Don't forget to ensure your target leads using Linkedin. There are ads that are properly used for getting leads for your business.


Then leads should be kept maintained thru our great connection either email or targeted advertising using remarketing or retargeting.

LinkedIn is not just for job seekers or recruiters. Businesses can and do benefit from LinkedIn marketing solutions. The platform empowers you to establish yourself in your industry and target your content and advertisements to those who would be most interested.

Creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy might seem confusing for those unfamiliar with the platform.

Here’s the good news:

  • Anyone can learn how to use LinkedIn for business.
  • LinkedIn business accounts make it easy to market your company by offering tools and a community ripe for exchange.

The punchline for Linked Marketing is also, please make sure our:

  • Best Linkedin Headline for Marketing.
  • Put your case study on LinkedIn Marketing Solution case study.
  • How to build LinkedIn marketing strategies with anonymous clients to avoid confidential agreements with the client.
  • Creating most active a LinkedIn business page with full of insight and case studies.
  • Best content to post on LinkedIn goes by analysis and iteration process not a magic quick content.
  • We do AB testing content.
  • Identify the best tools to use for LinkedIn marketing solutions.

LinkedIn Marketing and Why You Need It?

Indonesia's LinkedIn users are about 20 million profesional. Statista reports 43% of Indonesia adults use LinkedIn in the range of productive age 25-34 years old. It seems a big chunk of professional and rising stars talent to use it.

One of the references showed that LinkedIn marketing solutions can also help cultivate more leads. The company reports that 80% of business-to-business (B2B) leads come from LinkedIn, so it is proven that Garry Vee mentioned LinkedIn has significantly undervalued. This is a time for us to make an extra effort to make LinkedIn marketing much better work for your business. LinkedIn drives 46% of social media traffic to company websites.

How to set up LinkedIn for Business

With LinkedIn’s growing audience and trustworthiness, Every brands and businesses should take advantage of this platform and establish a consistent presence. To get a different approach to your LinkedIn marketing strategy we have to meet and discuss talking about your business and your prioritized target.

As we know LinkedIn Business has Linkedin Algorithm prioritizes on relevancy and engagement.

That why, target your content and updates based user’s:


Job titles



Company size

Every platform has a different ecosystem while LinkedIn is different from other social media. Focuses to appeal to niche communities rather than big and massive audience size. In our experience target size after doing and focusing is about 20-30k audience size is better, max is about 50k in countries like Indonesia. This tactic works to tap a broad audience with a homogeneous target.

Social Selling start to make LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Set your objective
Deep dive target audience size
Make sure comprehensive company profile
Regular Post and create insightful content
Use and Get advantage of all LinkedIn’s tools
Build your social networks and be strategically active
Get your team and employees involved

Setup LinkedIn Marketing Objective

Based on your objective will inform your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

What do you exactly want LinkedIn to do for your business?

I.e Get leads for your business at least 30 per month, Recruits 100 per month high quality talents.

Which professional looks that you want to create that will help with branding?

I.e. Sporty Casual, Formal or event fun to go.

The tips and trick on linkedin marketing

  • Hygienic and authentic insight of your business posts
  • are imperative.
  • Focus on relationship and connected people with positive
  • point of view.
  • Strengthen your business domain by showing your current project with the clear stories. If we found the failure make it as learning business curve for your social networks.

LinkedIn is now become a village of Professional people, lets get and connect to them

LinkedIn is now become a village of Professional people, lets get and connect to them

Lets talk and stay in touch